Hello everybody! My name is Drew James, but you may know me as ChocolatierGames, Choco, or TuxMonkey. I love writing, talking about, and playing video games. I am a freelance games writer who currently writes for three sites, but you can find all of my written content right here! I am always available for freelance work and my rates can be found here. I write and make videos all about gaming. I do everything from news pieces to reviews of games, to features all about aspects of gaming I like and dislike.

I also am trying to work my way through creating games, but I currently have no released projects. I love the style and compatibility of Game Maker Studio 2 and have been using that to work on a number of projects. One day, I hope to go to Digipen and earn my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Game Design. While I pursue a lot of hobbies, game programming makes me the most fulfilled.

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Xbox’s Accessibility Controller Might be the Most Useful One Yet

You have likely seen the leaked photos of the new Xbox accessibility controller and probably were a little confused. At first glance, it seems odd to have 2 large buttons and hardly enlarge the D-pad, but this controller might be the most useful yet. Its ability to be modified instead of replaced will make it … Continue reading Xbox’s Accessibility Controller Might be the Most Useful One Yet

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