Xbox’s Accessibility Controller Might be the Most Useful One Yet

Xbox's New Controller

You have likely seen the leaked photos of the new Xbox accessibility controller and probably were a little confused. At first glance, it seems odd to have 2 large buttons and hardly enlarge the D-pad, but this controller might be the most useful yet. Its ability to be modified instead of replaced will make it a powerhouse controller for those with a disability.

A controlling rig made by the Special Effect Charity
A controlling rig made by the Special Effect Charity

The two enlarged buttons on the controller arent just the A and B buttons, but they can actually be modified to do a number of things, and the controller itself is very modifiable. It has the ability to interface with other accessibility options to allow for further modification. This can be very useful for people with disabilities, as you can have a sort of one size fits all controller, instead of needing to spend hours searching for one that fits their specific needs. This will also allow 3rd parties to create their own add-ons, and for people who already have controllers to use their own through the multitude of ports at the top.

Even though it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, the ability for customization will make this the most useful accessibility controller made to date. The next major step would be simple rigs that allow for modification, so people with severe motor disabilities can play. Special Effect does allow for this already, but something officially licensed that allows for modification would help out a lot. This, however, is a huge step in the right direction, and I am excited to see how it helps people play.

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